Midon Design Documents Archive

Spec Sheets

DS18S20 Temperature Sensor

DS1820 Temperature Sensor

DS2405 1-Wire Addressable Switch

DS2406 1-Wire Addressable Switch

DS2423 Counter Specification Sheet

DS2430 256 bit EEPROM Specification Sheet

DS2430 1024 bit EEPROM Specification Sheet

DS2438 Specification Sheet

Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire RJ-12 Wiring Standard

1-Wire RJ-12 Cross-reference Table

LM78L05 Voltage Regulator

MAX233 and MAX232 RS232 interface

MAX232 Specification Sheet


93C66 EEPROM Specification Sheet

AT25256 Specification Sheet

68HC705C8 Microcontroller

MC68HC908KX8 Specification Sheet

HIH-3610 Humidity Sensor

HIH-4000 Humidity Sensor

MPXA4115 Specification Sheet


1-Wire Application Guide for TEMP08, 1WSwitch and LOG08-II

1-Wire Humidity Sensor Accuracy

Calculating Wind Speed and Direction on the OWWS

Transmitting Data and Power over a 1 Wire Bus

1 Wire Rain Gauge

1 Wire Weather Station (the Original)

1 Wire Humidity Sensor

Modify the HS01K (original humidity sensor) for local power

Parasitic Power on the 1 Wire Bus

Dallas Explains DS1820 Misunderstandings

Using DS1820-PAR and DS1822-PAR devices

Reliable 1-Wire Networks Application Note


TEMP08 Syntax

User Manuals

1WIO User Manual

1WSwitch User Manual

CIR-II Manual

TEMP05 User Manual (version 4.25 or lower)

TEMP05 User Manual (version 5.00 and higher)

TEMP08 User Manual

LOG08 User Manual

LOG08-II User Manual

PROG05 User Manual

RELAY05 User Manual

RS232Relay Manual

MD3020 Sensor Manual

Last Updated January 11, 2023